About Luther

A short lawyer with a tall sense of humor, Luther Beauchamp delights his audiences every time.

Luther is a Florida lawyer, author and professional speaker. A graduate of Florida State University and the Vanderbilt University School of Law, Luther practices law primarily in the areas of estate planning and administration. He and his wife, Vera have two children and enjoy the status of grandparents. Beauchamp is also active in his church.

Being of small stature, Beauchamp explains that he was born on the decrease of the moon and his daddy handed out cigar butts. Luther’s first book, I’ll Try to Be Short… is a collection of humorous stories about various members of his family. His second book, Legal Shorts…Not Briefs, contains funny stories from his law school days and law practice.

His Grandpa Callaway was well known for his wit. Luther says he inherited half of it.

Call Luther today to schedule a speaking engagement for your group at 1-888-568-6677 or 352-493-2525.


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